The CAMRA BC Executive for 2014

The CAMRA BC election for the Provincial Executive has been completed.  As there were only single nominations for each of the four positions, a run-off ballot was not required.

So, drumroll please, here is the CAMRA BC executive (plus a brief bio on each) for 2014.

President: Maureen Blaseckie

I have been a member of CAMRA BC – Victoria branch since 1993 and served on the Victoria branch Executive as Secretary from 1994 to 2007. Since 2010 I’ve served on the Provincial Executive of CAMRA BC as Secretary and then Vice President.

I’ve also participated in the Great Canadian Beer Festival as a volunteer since 1993–still have the purple and white volunteer shirt to prove it!–back in the days of the Victoria Convention center.

Government, brewers and retailers may have control over beer before it reaches the taps but it’s you and me that ultimately pays for the pint. That’s why I joined CAMRA 21 years ago and that’s why I’m still a member: there is no one else in the wide, wonderful world of beer who speaks for the person who picks up the tab

Vice President: Ron McLaren     

I’m a home grown British Columbian, who began my interest in craft beers in the mid 1980’s, with the opening of the first craft Brew Pubs in Victoria and Vancouver. I am from the “consumer” side of the spectrum, rather than the “brewing” side.

I joined CAMRA BC in 1998 and have volunteered at the Great Canadian Beer Festival almost every year, from the early days at the Victoria Convention Centre to the current location at Royal Athletic Park, and I have the Tee Shirts to prove it!

I support the work CAMRA BC and the Regional Branches have done over the years,  and the variety and quality of craft beers we now have available in British Columbia is a testament to the hard work of everyone who has volunteered their  time in support of CAMRA BC.

 I look forward to working with you all over the next year.

Secretary: Jenn Ordze 

I’m a craft beer enthusiast and CAMRA BC member since 2004, offering my services this year as Secretary to the Society. I have been a beer recruit since first volunteering for The Great Canadian Beer Fest and I like trying as many different beers as I can. I am very interested to see where the industry goes and how it can be improved and brought into the public and hope I can help CAMRA BC achieve some of its goals in this regard.

Treasurer: Mark Blaseckie 

I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter and member of CAMRA BC since my wife bought me a membership in 1992. As my job has taken me around the world, I have enjoyed learning about the international flavours of good beer and the bonds between craft beer enthusiasts of all languages.

Over the years I’ve worn many hats. I started volunteering for CAMRABC Victoria Branch as the Web/Email guy, the Membership Chairman for all of the CAMRABC, then for the Victoria Branch when the Vancouver Branch was organized.

Since 2012 I’ve served on the executive of CAMRA BC as Treasurer and look forward to being part of the positive change for craft beer consumers of BC in the upcoming year.

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6 Responses to The CAMRA BC Executive for 2014

  1. Scott says:

    So, where was the announcement for positions being open? Where was the list of nominees for the thousand plus people in CAMRA BC? Where was the open and transparent election process? You do know that this organization runs under the BC society act, right? Perhaps the new executive can get brushed up on how elections work, and not how you want them to.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Steve.

      Thanks for commenting. It’s great to see that there is interest in the CAMRABC executive.

      The date of the nomination was shared with the CAMRABC executive (including the Vancouver President) on December 23, 2013.

      Nominations opened for the CAMRABC executive on December 24 when the AGM page went live and a notice was posted to both the webpage and the CAMRABC Facebook page on Dec 27th.

      On January 4th the nomination period was announced in the CAMRA Vancouver newsletter and a link to that was posted at and on the CAMRA Vancouver Facebook page.

      On January 10th, a reminder was posted on the CAMRABC Facebook page and was shared on the CAMRA Vancouver page.

      The AGM page clearly showed the positions available and when the nominations closed on the 14th, there were only 4 nominations out of 1100 possible members. You may feel it is a pretty sad reflection on people’s willingness to do their part but I have found in most volunteer organizations there is a small core of people who actually take on the responsibility when it comes to this sort of thing.

      I assure you, Steve, we did everything possible to make sure the information was available and the procedure transparent.

    • Graham says:

      I agree, Scott. I do not feel like this was hugely pushed and nominees werent published for voting. Shouldnt the BC AGM have followed the branches?

      • Moe says:

        Hey Graham, welcome to the site, I’m glad you were able to find it in time to join in this discussion and I’m sorry you missed the election information when it went out on the various branch websites and Facebook pages.

        Which branch of CAMRA BC do you attend? Vancouver, Victoria, Powell River, Fraser Valley or South Fraser?

        There’s a lot of history behind the current society structure and reasons why things happen as they presently occur. In the days before the establishment of other branches outside of the Victoria region, the CAMRA BC AGM was actually held within the CAMRA Victoria meeting. That meeting would take place in the first 2 weeks of January so there would be a minimal impact on club operations.

        The thing to understand here is that CAMRA BC is the Society and the branches are administrative units within the society. The Executive oversees operations and, that being the case, needs to be in place and operational as soon as possible. If the Society AGM was not held until after branch AGM’s, it would be mid-Spring before our course for the year could be laid out and plans made.

        Everyone is a member of CAMRA BC and attends the branch which is convenient to their location. The branch is Vancouver or Victoria or Powell River, the Society is CAMRA BC, not the other way around.

        Finally, I’m sorry you do not feel the information regarding the Society AGM was not given sufficient profile. Perhaps it is an issue we should examine with regard to communications at the branch level? Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I look forward to working with you to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for the quick response, Matt.

    I guess the social media method of advertising positions is a good start. It does suck when no one cares to get involved, I agree.

    Where can the membership see meeting minutes, fiscal reports and the directions/goals the executive decide to take on? I know my money goes to the BC branch, but I haven’t seen where it goes next. And I’m not sure a copy of minutes has ever surfaced, though I could be wrong. Again.

    • Mark says:

      I see what you did there. Well played, Scott. Sorry about that, I owe you a beer.

      Traditionally the President of the Branch brings the concerns of a branch to the CAMRABC executive and keeps the branch up to date on decision and discussions that go on there. Once all of the branch elections are done, the CAMRABC president typically posts their goals for the coming year. That’ll be found on the website and on the Facebook page.

      The financial statement for the previous year is sent out the presidents in January so that they can give a summary at their respective AGMs. If anyone would like to see them, send an request to and if your email address is on the membership list, I’d be happy to send a copy. When you pay your membership, the majority stays at the branch level to fund educational, advocacy and promotional endeavors. Currently $5 from each Individual and Joint ($2.50 per person) membership is transferred to the CAMRABC treasury. This past year, that transfer was used to reimburse travel expenses for executive members to meet Provincial Government MLAs in Victoria and Vancouver, to pay for Insurance for the Society, fund the production of the Newsletter, fees to the BC Society Registrar and grants made to help two new branches establish themselves.

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