Timing is everything and this would be the time.

Do your co-workers slowly drift towards the door when you start to speak, dreamily, of those marvelous cask beers at the GCBF? Don’t you wish you could introduce them to the joys of the freshest possible ale, the pinnacle of brewer’s art that is a properly conditioned cask beer? 

There is no excuse for waiting, my friend, because October is BC Craft Beer Month. Grab the 2 nearest co-workers, friends or members of the choir and drive to a local participating pub. 

If you are wondering when to undertake this intervention and where to take your soon to be converts, look no further than the BC Craft Beer Month website  There are craft beer events from casks made just for BCCBM to food and beer pairings, almost every night from Victoria to Smithers.  Check your local CAMRA branch website too for local updates. 

Be sure to look over BC Craft Beer Month’s sponsor page. These are businesses who believe in craft beer enough to back it up with more than just words. Without the support of these businesses BCCBM can’t spread the word and keep this event growing. 

If there are no events in your area this is the perfect opportunity to ask your local purveyor of beverages, “why the hell not?”  If you’re a CAMRA member, you have the knowledge and the backing of a sizable consumer rights organization to throw behind that question. 

If your favorite purveyor is not on that sponsor page, please refer to the above paragraph for possible conversational openers with the owner/manager/operator. 

Vote with your patronage, give your support to the people who support craft beer.

 Spread the word, loud and proud: this is BC and the beer is here. 

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  1. Well said! So proud to see this happen after all these years campaigning for it. Classic styles, strange styles, cask conditioned beer. Mmmmm. And yes, those who have shown they support Craft Beer Month by sponsoring deserve the patronage. Those who haven’t signed up yet … come on, show your colours, get aboard!

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