Welcome to The New and, of course, IMPROVED Web page

Welcome to the new CAMRA BC web page – the place for information on events and direction to your local chapter of CAMRA wherever you live or play in British Columbia. Its got all sorts of bells, whistles and now fully accessorized  for all occasions.  Please leave liberal (or conservative, if that be your bent) comments on any of the posts or pages. There are links for your convenience and you can be kept up to date on any comments or posts via RSS subscription. Bells and whistles, indeed!

Please link to this page if you are a beer blogging fool and maybe a shout out on Twitter, Facebook or whatever platform you haunt on the great out there.  After all, your participation can only make this a better place to be and isn’t that what we all really want?

The big event on everyone’s calendar right now? Why it’s the great gathering of the clans, clubs and kegs that is the Great Canadian Beer Fest 2010.  Contrary to popular belief, while this event is CAMRA sanctioned and (enthusiastically) supported, it is not hosted by us.  It was originally organized by CAMRA BC many years ago and it draws the majority of its volunteer labour from CAMRA clubs in the province. It became an independent organization, however, when it’s popularity and success demanded a full-time administration.

Once we have recovered from the fall festival of all things real ale, the regular club schedule of monthly meetings in Victoria, Vancouver and Penticton will get underway. For information on the club closest to you, choose from one of the 3 current chapters listed in the links column to your right…keep looking…yes, there under “links”…

Well, what are you waiting for? Drink real ale and surf responsibly.


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