CAMRA BC Executive for 2015 is announced

Nominations for the Executive of CAMRA BC were open from December 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. It was indicated last week that we would be requiring a vote for a contested executive position however, that is no longer the case. Please join us in welcoming the CAMRA BC 2015 Executive

President – Ari Dressler
Vice President – Janna Gabrek
Treasurer – Ryan Baker
Secretary – Carmen Castrucci

Individual bios have been posted on the CAMRA BC website to help you get to know your new executive. All executive members are new to CAMRA BC. Official handover will happen in February once the branches have had their AGMs.

We would also like to thank the executive members who are not returning. CAMRA BC – Powell River Branch President Paddy shares:

I first became involved with the CAMRA BC Executive in 2011 and like most CAMRA BC members, I knew little about this branch of the society, having no real concept of what their duties were, why they existed and what their relationship was to the various CAMRA BC branches.

It soon became apparent to me that the BC branch was an essential part of CAMRA BC. InMark and Maureen fact, the CAMRA BC Executive is the glue that holds the whole society together and in my time serving with the society, the glue that held the BC Executive together as been our out-going president and out-going treasurer,Maureen and Mark Blaseckie. Between them combined, they have volunteered for over 12 years on the executives of CAMRA Victoria and BC.

Both have worked tirelessly behind the scenes for years ensuring everything runs smoothly and do so for the love of CAMRA BC, not for accolades or notoriety. They have taught me so much about CAMRA BC, what it stands for and how to step back and think before acting to ensure what gets done is for the good of the society.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Maureen and Mark. You will be sorely missed on the BC executive. They are looking forward to “grazing in the greener pastures of civilian life as regular members”.

A huge thank you also Ron (VP) and Jenn (Secretary) for your time and effort over the past year!

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  1. Laura Carolina says:

    Adding my sincere thanks to Maureen and Mark for their many years of service.

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